Call for Presentations

Organizations, clubs, project teams, individuals and communities are invited to present their work in the following topics:

Spectrum Access

Tools (software and hardware)


Amateur radio

Strengthening the community of Spectrum users


The Spectrum Conference welcomes demos! Projects teams and organizations are welcome to book a stand to present their ideas and interact with the community.

Companies are invited to contact the organizers if they want to have a stand.

Important dates

Tentative schedule

A tentative schedule will be put online as things evolve.

Contact / Proposal Submission

The conference language is english, all presentations and presentation slides must be in english.

Please send your submission, proposal for a talk, workshop, or, booth to the spectrum24 team at the following address:

If you want a booth or stand, please get in contact with Vera, who coordinates the booths:

We will get back to you as soon as possible.